Originally from New York, Chris now resides within Orlando, Florida. He has always been fascinated by stories from all genres and medians whether it be from movies, games, tv, or books as they have the unique ability to touch and shape the very essence of who we are. This interest in storytelling lead him to the voice over industry where he works with other creative directors, projects, and actors to help tell the stories that matter.


Through various classes and workshops, Chris has not only developed his skills as an actor to make bold choices but also has honed his skills to adapt on the fly through his improv training as well. In addition to his education as an actor, he also has had extensive training in public speaking as he has done a number of events for the University of Central Florida from presentations to formal events.


When he is away from the mic he is usually found catching up on the latest video games, movies, or writing and weaving his own epic stories/campaigns within dungeon and dragons, a legendary tabletop game.


Whether your project is big or small if you need someone who is determined, enthusiastic, versatile, and dependable then Chris is your choice!